When and what kind of penalties do I get from ATO for a late lodgement or non-lodgement?

Current maximum unit of ATO penalty is $1,050 for a late lodgement or a non-lodgement. If you do not report change of your address or do not check MyGov, you do not receive a warning letter from ATO and you may already have debts to ATO without your knowledge.

In addtional to penalty for a late lodgement or a non-lodgement, ATO fines for making a false or misleading lodgement or taking a position that is not reasonably arguable and failing to meet other tax obligations. 

Regardless of penalties, you still have to lodge tax obligations. Your obligations never go away. If you still leave non-lodgement, ATO can escatelates a next level such as a default lodgement and prosecution.

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