What are prices for company and trust tax returns?

You can check our on-demand discount company tax return here. Or we have $1000 - $2000 VIP plan for clients who do not know what to do.

This assumes

  • Xero or Quickbooks is used.
  • Bank feed is working correctly.
  • Bank balances are correct.
  • Balances on the balance sheet on the last financial statement prepared match with balances on the balance sheet of Xero or Quickbooks.
  • There are significant or too many incorrect entries.

As long as your ex-accountant did a right job and you have setup and used Xero or Quickbooks correctly, these should not be a problems at all. In case where the balances are not correct, it has to be fixed first and our fee is additional $200. This is one off fee, this does not happen again.

If you use other method of record keeping such as Excel and MYOB, we can give you a quote. It is usually same price or addtional $180 to $540.

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